Family of Lion Air JT610 Victims Doubts US Investigation Process

Family of Lion Air JT610 Victims Doubts US Investigation Process

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – About 45 families of victims of the Lion Air JT610 plane which crashed on October 29 then doubted the process of an investigation carried out in the United States. They said they were not convinced of the independence of investigators, because Boeing as the maker and US Aviation Authority (FAA) was involved in the investigation.

“After the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accident, now is the time to review the rules for investigations nationally and internationally,” said Monica Kelly advocate from the law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered, in a press statement received by on Friday (29/3).

According to Monica, all this time the process of investigating aircraft accidents involved only related manufacturing companies and the government. Whereas those who had never been given a place were experts appointed to represent the families of the victims.

According to Monica, it would seem unfair if aircraft manufacturers were investigating their products. He worried the results were not open.

Moreover, the FAA is currently also involved in the investigation process. In fact, the agency also certifies each device and the flightworthiness of an aircraft made in the US.

The data obtained from the black box of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft operated by Ethiopian Airlines which fell on March 10 is said to be similar to the Lion Air JT610 incident on October 29, 2018.

Many parties suspect the anti-stall system (MCAS) added to 737 MAX 8. The device automatically instructs the aircraft nose to decrease when the aircraft is considered in a stall situation.

In the case of Lion Air, the pilot had difficulty controlling the aircraft when activating autopilot mode. The MCAS device continuously steered the nose of the plane to dive not long after taking off.

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