Our Global Staff

Our staff is dedicated to compassionately advancing justice and devoted to unearthing the truth for our clients and their families. Our first priority is to deliver respect and empathy at an exceptionally distressing time for victims and their loved ones – genuine concern equal only to the expertise Ribbeck Law attorneys bring to complex legal issues.

Our goal is to find out what went wrong, and then pursue change so it cannot happen again.

  • We hold accountable those responsible for catastrophic events – until justice is served.
  • We tirelessly strive to permanently alter actions that allow disasters to occur, bringing about important changes in government policies, getting manufacturers and airlines to alter guidelines in order to improve aviation safety and expose tragedies too often disguised as accidents.

We know substantial settlements and awards deliver strong messages to those responsible and help prevent similar tragedies. Our promise to the families we represent is to stop at nothing to obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law. We are not afraid to go against multinational corporations and insurance companies whose goal is to pay the least amount of damages to families of the victims. The liable parties have multiple law groups representing them and so do we.  We do not fight alone. We fight together with all of our global partners to obtain the best result for the families we represent.

At Ribbeck Law, clients find experienced international attorneys, involved staff, resources and funds to handle complex litigation. Our engineers and pilots, well versed in aviation law, thoroughly examine crash sites to discover the truth behind every tragedy. We retain other renowned experts, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, who understand the profound effects these tragedies have on all. Ribbeck Law is very proud to have as members of our staff former clients who have been involved in similar aviation tragedies as those families whom they are trying to help now. They reside in countries from different parts of the world and have been with us for many years. We are always accessible via e-mail, text message, What’s App, Skype, telephone and in person. We meet personally with victims, their families, and other attorneys for whom they may be working with near their homes. Our consultation is free and we cover all expenses to talk with you, no matter where you live.

  • Our expert international lawyers on staff and retained by Ribbeck Law in countries around the world allow us to help you navigate step-by-step through the multi-cultural challenges inherent in the United States’ legal system until a case is resolved.
  • We have litigated tragic events all the way to the highest court, often initiating international changes in processes and requirements that at the very least bring some consolation to families of wrongful death victims. At the same time, we have settled record claims at record speed.
  • And, while Ribbeck Law lawyers and experts work together to seek justice, clients are not responsible for any legal fees or expenses unless we are successful.


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