William M. Moylan, Attorney-at-Law

Partner (1948 – 2017)

At a very young age, William Moylan dreamed of being a lawyer. Mr. Moylan was impressed and heavily influenced by his close family members who were in the legal profession. While attending the prestigious Notre Dame University in Indiana, Mr. Moylan realized that he was passionate about helping people and in resolving issues of a legal nature. This passion of wanting to help others drove him to attend the well-renowned John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois where he graduated at the top of his class. Subsequent to attending law school, his interest in learning never stopped. He attended several symposiums and seminars around the world pertaining to issues of aviation law. He was also invited to speak at several workshops in renowned schools. Mr. Moylan has dedicated the last 20 years of his legal career to representing victims and their families in aviation cases. He has appeared multiple times in the media and he has provided his legal opinion in a variety of tragic incidents around the world. He has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients despite the fact that his clients were not U.S. citizens or residents, with the defendants being persons or entities operating outside the USA, and where the accidents did not happen in the USA. Mr. Moylan served on different committees at different bar associations during his legal career.

Mr. Moylan has worked successfully in the following cases:

Flydubai Flight 981, March 19, 2016, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Metrojet Flight 9268, October 31, 2015, Sinai, Egypt
Turkish Airlines Flight TK726, March 4, 2015, Katmandu, Nepal
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, March 8, 2014, Indian Ocean
Lao Airlines Flight 301, October 16, 2013, Pakse, Laos
Asiana Airlines Flight 214, July 7, 2013, San Francisco, California
Scat Airlines Flight 760, January 29, 2013, Kazakhstan
Learjet LJ25, December 9, 2012, Sierra de Iturbide, Mexico
Dana Air Flight 992, June 3, 2012, Nigeria
Costa Concordia, January 13, 2012, Italy
First Air Flight 6560, August 20, 2011, Resolute, Canada
Caribbean Airlines Flight 523, July 30, 2011, Georgetown, Guyana
Hewa Bora Flight 952, July 8, 2011, Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo
RusAir Flight 9605, June 20, 2011, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Georgia Airways Flight UN834, April 4, 2011, Democratic Republic of Congo
Henan Airlines Flight 8387, August 24, 2010, China
Merpati Airlines Flight 836, April 13, 2010, Indonesia
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409, January 25, 2010, Lebanon
American Airlines Flight 331, December 22, 2009, Kingston, Jamaica
Turkish Airlines Flight 1951, February 25, 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aeroflot Flight 821, September 14, 2008, Perm, Russia
Spanair Flight 5022, August 20, 2008, Madrid, Spain
Cessna Caravan, 2008, Chile

As a hobby, Mr. Moylan has participated and finished at least 10 marathons around the world. Mr. Moylan loves traveling and is fluent in several languages including Spanish and Mandarin.

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