Our Mission

For more than two decades, Ribbeck Law has helped clients from over 65 countries navigate through the United States’ court system. We have been involved in more than 43 plane crashes around the world.

Ribbeck Law Chartered is passionately devoted to improving international passenger safety and seeking justice for victims of aviation tragedy and their families. Our unique multinational legal group is comprised of gifted professionals who clients can count on.

Ribbeck Law is the largest legal aviation group which focuses on representing families from all over the world in American courts. Most of the families we represent do not reside in the United States. Most of the aviation accidents we work on do not occur in the United States. Most of the airlines involved are not based in the United States.

Our staff includes Fulbright scholars and accomplished attorneys schooled and experienced in other related professions. We are also trained engineers, pilots, insurance experts, judges, authors and human rights activists who represent years of international and multijurisdictional expertise in support of victims from diverse backgrounds, budgets and countries of origin. And, Ribbeck Law is also very proud to have as members of our staff former clients who have been involved in similar aviation tragedies as those families whom they are trying to help now. These former clients come from different parts of the world and have been with Ribbeck Law for many years.

Our global legal expertise often results not only in judicial remedies and settlements, but we also effect meaningful changes in protocol and legislation – compelling manufacturers, airlines, corporations and even governments to be more safety conscious.

Ribbeck Law has the passion, strategic legal acumen, and financial resources to seek full and fair compensation through the United States’ civil justice system.  We take all of the risks and do not charge attorney’s fees unless we are successful and obtain reasonable and just compensation for the families we represent.

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