Deon Botha, Global Insurance Claims Analyst

Of Counsel

Deon Botha brings to Ribbeck Law 25 years of experience in working with diverse multinational insurance and reinsurance companies. He has successfully analyzed the claims of numerous clients involved in aviation and maritime disasters. Mr. Botha visits clients all over the world and helps them provide the dossier of documents that are going to be used in the litigation of their claims.
Mr. Botha understands that most of the cases are settled directly with the reinsurance companies which are usually based in the United States or Europe. His experience dealing with the reinsurance market helps the families resolve their claims in a more effective and efficient manner. In an aviation accident, there are multiple insurance and reinsurance companies involved which represent not only the manufacturer of the plane and the airline but also numerous component part manufacturers which are at least 30 or more in any given case.

Mr. Botha has been involved in numerous aviation and maritime cases such as:

Flydubai Flight 981, March 19, 2016, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Metrojet Flight 9268, October 31, 2015, Sinai, Egypt
Turkish Airlines Flight TK726, March 4, 2015, Katmandu, Nepal
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, March 8, 2014, Indian Ocean
Lao Airlines Flight 301, October 16, 2013, Pakse, Laos
Asiana Airlines Flight 214, July 7, 2013, San Francisco, California
Scat Airlines Flight 760, January 29, 2013, Kazakhstan
Learjet LJ25, December 9, 2012, Sierra de Iturbide, Mexico
Dana Air Flight 992, June 3, 2012, Nigeria
Costa Concordia, January 13, 2012, Italy
First Air Flight 6560, August 20, 2011, Resolute, Canada

During his leisure hours, Mr. Botha spends time at his estate in South Africa.

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