William Wang, Attorney-at-Law

Of Counsel

William Wang is an attorney based in China with a concentration in the area of domestic and international aviation accidents. Mr. Wang has over 15 years of international experience representing clients inside and outside of the Pacific Rim. Having practiced law in both China and New Zealand, Mr. Wang has a unique understanding of many cultures.

Mr. Wang’s steadfast dedication to his clients’ well-being and zealous advocacy on their behalf is reflected in his attention to their every need, visiting families as often as is needed.  Mr. Wang advises Ribbeck Law Chartered on every facet of both civil and criminal local law. He is also fluent in English and Mandarin and has represented Chinese clients resident in China and overseas.

Mr. Wang represented clients from Kenya Airlines Flight KQ 507, Asiana Airlines Flight 214, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Lion Air JT 610, and Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302.

In his spare time Mr. Wang volunteers for the Von Ribbeck Foundation and enjoys reading. He is an avid world traveler which he does with his wife and daughter.

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